Values Poggesi


Poggesi know-how is deeply rooted in Italy, the top fashionable country in the world and especially in Florence, boasting a century-old tradition of artisan workshops.

Shade has proven not to be an ordinary concept, since any outdoor area needs to be designed in every single detail.
Our company offers 360-degree custom-design service and all-round solutions, from the first project to the most suitable solution as regards dimensions and models, feasibility site-inspections, installation and after-sales customer care service.

Ombrellificio Poggesi has committed itself to convey its main values:

Within today’s dynamic and digital world, Poggesi is able to perfectly combine information technology and a 50-year-old artisan know-how.

This is why every single member of our staff feels to be a substantial part of the company, as if each single production phase would be performed in a small traditional workshop.

Selection of raw materials
The establishment of a successful brand name implies an important prerequisite: 90% of the activity has to be aimed at ensuring product quality. The Ombrellificio can boast a careful selection of and an enduring friendship relationship with its suppliers, which are mostly based within the local district.
Quality becomes therefore a way to develop mutual trust relationships, which have enabled the company to achieve a leading position on the market.

The Ombrellificio wouldn’t have achieved the present results without this fundamental value. The company devotes many efforts and resources in order to keep its umbrellas and parasols up-to-the-minute.

Values Poggesi
PORCreO Regione Toscana
Contributo che Ombrellificio Poggesi ha ottenuto a fondo perduto in base all'art. 25 del Decreto Legge 19 di maggio 2020 e alla concessione del Fondo di Garanzia L. 662/96, posizione M.C. 2888677.
Poggesi ha usufruito del credito d'imposta sugli investimenti pubblicitari incrementali per l'anno 2022.