Brainchild of the partnership with Arch. Roberto Semprini, Joint represents an exclusive innovation in the field of side-arm umbrellas.

The aesthetically perfect combination of art and functionality. Designed by Architect Roberto Semprini for Poggesi, this decentralized pole umbrella represents the evolution of the concept of solar shielding. A perfect blend between art and functional features. It took 3 years of intense research and feasibility tests to launch Joint on the market. Joint means functionality to the Nth degree.
The idea for the Joint model was inspired by the high-performing features of gym equipment produced by one of the most renowned brands in the field of personal fitness.

Dimensions and specifications

  • Sizes: from diameter 400 cm up to size 500 ×400 cm
  • Dimensions of the ribs 35x20x2 mm so as to grant exceptional strength
  • Aluminium structure with thermosetting powder coating so as to grant endurance in any weather conditions
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts to grant maximum resistance of components
  • Its telescopic motion system makes it possible to open and close the parasol without removing underlying tables and chairs, enjoy maximum comfort under the umbrella
  • 360° – Rotation adjustment
  • Weight 55 kg, because there is no weight limit on beauty
JOINT Poggesi
JOINT Poggesi
JOINT Poggesi
JOINT Poggesi
JOINT Poggesi
JOINT Poggesi
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PORCreO Regione Toscana
Contributo che Ombrellificio Poggesi ha ottenuto a fondo perduto in base all'art. 25 del Decreto Legge 19 di maggio 2020 e alla concessione del Fondo di Garanzia L. 662/96, posizione M.C. 2888677.
Poggesi ha usufruito del credito d'imposta sugli investimenti pubblicitari incrementali per l'anno 2022.