Underground tube

Underground tube Poggesi
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Perfect for
By means of the UNDERGROUND TUBE you can fix your side post umbrella directly onto the ground so as to fully exploit the space below it.

Technical features:
• Hidden in-ground tube to be inserted into the pavement
• Dimensions of the tube to be concreted over (female socket) height 30 cm
• Dimensions of the tube to be inserted into the female socket (male socket) height 34 cm
• Dimensions of the plate 15x10
• Weight: 12 kg
• The help of qualified staff is recommended to fix this type of base
PORCreO Regione Toscana
Contributo che Ombrellificio Poggesi ha ottenuto a fondo perduto in base all'art. 25 del Decreto Legge 19 di maggio 2020 e alla concessione del Fondo di Garanzia L. 662/96, posizione M.C. 2888677