Varnished iron base 50x50x0,5 and 50x50x2

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Perfect for
Thanks to the 50X50X0.5 and 50X50X2 BASE your umbrella will be within easy reach any time you need it. Available in 2 different thicknesses, a thinner one 0.5, to enable easier movement and a thicker one 2 cm, so as to grant greater stability.

Technical features:
• Zinc-plated and varnished base of the same colour as the structure
• Dimensions 50x50x0.5 weight 16 kg
• Dimensions 50x50x2 weight 45 kg
• Diameter of the umbrella insertion tube 60mm
• Accessories: 4 support feet
• Possibility to add a 4-wheel set
PORCreO Regione Toscana
Contributo che Ombrellificio Poggesi ha ottenuto a fondo perduto in base all'art. 25 del Decreto Legge 19 di maggio 2020 e alla concessione del Fondo di Garanzia L. 662/96, posizione M.C. 2888677.
Poggesi ha usufruito del credito d'imposta sugli investimenti pubblicitari incrementali per l'anno 2022.